Tassimo Suny

Hot Chocolate Maker

REVIEW - ★★★☆

We LOVE Hot Chocolate, and we've tried and tested a good number of them to try to find the best hot chocolate maker around.

Although our favourite Hot Chocolate Maker is still the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, the Tassimo isn't far behind.


  • The appliance itself is VERY budget friendly, and costs much less than the velvetiser.
  • The hot chocolate pods are less expensive than the velvetiser equivalent. 
  • The Tassimo Suny is fast, and you can have hot chocolate in hand in under a minute.


  • The hot chocolate is made with water, so can't match the same great taste as its milky comnpetitors.

    Overall, this is a great, fun machine that our kids love for it's ease of use. Sure, the hot chocolate isn't the best, but it's cheap, chearful, and fun to have around.